DRAJES Martinique

An impact video about youth and transformation

We directed and produced this video for the first edition of the “National Universel Service” in Martinique.


Showing a glimpse of a life changing experience for young people

We partner with DRAJES Martinique to give other young people a glimpse of what the Universal National Service is like. We followed the team and the teenagers over 2 weeks as they were experiencing the first edition of this new national initiative. The DRAJES Martinique wanted to put a light on the transformation the participants could go through and use this video later on to promote the initiative.

Client: Drajes Martinique
Date: October 1, 2021
Services: Creative Development, Videography
Other services: Motion Design, Post Production

Growth and transformation

After spending a few days with the teens, we noticed how they slowly started to go from a place of doubt and apprehension to one of transformation and growth. We decided to focus on them and their journey. Because of budgetary constraints, we couldn’t spend enough time with them to create a story film so we decided to add elements of story into an impact video that would introduce the initiative while still focusing of the emotional journey of the participants.


DRAJES Martinique has been using this video for two years to introduce the initiative to kids in schools and other spaces. It has helped them recruit more kids for the second and third editions of the “Service National Universel”.


Director/DP/Editor/Executive producer/Colorist: Stephanie Saxemard

Producer: Zephrine Royer

Motion designer: Mathieu Mondélice