International Office for Water

We created a full video communication strategy and produced two project videos for OIEau’s European project.


A caribbean scale project that need to tell its own story.

Communicating on an Interreg project requires an understanding of the political and technical aspects of the project. This is the first challenge of this type of project. Here, in particular, it was a question of informing and even training the project participants in planted filters and showing them what it was all about.

The second challenge is that this project involves four different countries and three languages: French, English and Spanish.

Our bilingual team with Spanish skills was able to meet the challenge without any problem, whether it was in the creation of the video or in the animation of the workshops.

The third challenge concerns the phase of the project into which this video project fits. We started this video project at the very beginning of the CARIBSAN project. We had to find the right angle to start communicating about a project that had not yet shown any results.

Client: OIEau
Date: December 9, 2022
Services: Creative Development, Video Production
Other services: Video strategy, Drone

The cooperation on this first video project was very fruitful: Stephanie and Zephrine helped us to better define our objectives and advised us on the best way to achieve them. Visually their work is of great quality, they were able to make wastewater treatment aesthetically pleasing and to highlight the sanitation professionals. This artistic approach helps enormously in reaching audiences far removed from the world of sanitation, but also in making those whose job it is proud.

Chloé Déchelette Project manager at OIEau

Technichal and strategy

We have chosen to approach this project through a four-pronged approach: the issue, the discourse, the emotion, the image.

Our multidisciplinary profile, which combines human and social sciences, political science and international relations, human rights and documentary film, gives us an excellent capacity to understand and articulate the issues at stake, while maintaining a singular vision and artistic expression.

With our client, we chose to produce 2 impact videos giving voice to the participants and other stakeholders while focusing on image and storytelling.

At the beginning of the project, it was difficult to show the success of the project. The challenge was to stimulate interest in the project, first among the participants in Dominica, Saint Lucia and Cuba, and then among other direct and indirect stakeholders and the general public.

We have therefore chosen, in the first video produced, to insist on the interest of the project, to explain the planted filters and their functioning and to show how they can be used at home. This video is both a presentation of the system and a tool for raising awareness about sanitation.

The second video is more for information purposes. It aims to allow those who were not present to understand the purpose and content of the training carried out in Martinique.

Finally, we held two workshops as part of the CARIBSAN forum in December 2022. One was aimed at training volunteer participants in video production on a smartphone and the second was aimed at addressing the video communication strategy. It was indeed essential to accompany the participants in the project in the creation of a video strategy allowing them a real return on investment.

A multi-country project like CARIBSAN has to juggle busy schedules and last-minute schedules and last-minute changes, and the Creativ Sün Film team was flexible and understanding, which also made our work much easier. That's why we decided to work together again for a second video in June 2022, and to carry out two training workshops with the people responsible for communication officers from Cuba, Dominica and Saint Lucia in December 2022.
We highly recommend Creativ Sün Film who accompanied us in our goal of raising awareness about sanitation to raise awareness about sanitation. Creativ Sün was able to adapt to our constraints as well as offering us a fresh perspective, consistent with the values of the CARIBSAN PROJECT.

Chloé Déchelette Project manager at OIEau



The impact videos reached the stakeholders involved in the project.

Technicians saw on screen an explanation of the technical elements essential to understanding the project.

Project participants were able to use the videos to promote the project in their respective networks.

The general public has resources to better understand this sanitation system. The funders put faces to a very technical and complex project.

The workshop finally fulfilled its main objective of bringing together all its stakeholders (France, Cuba, Dominica, Saint Lucia) around a specific video communication strategy. They have a 19-page roadmap in English to guide them through the project.


One of the objectives of the project was to show the evolution of the project from the first phase of information and training to the last phase of commissioning of the treatment plants built in the 3 partner countries. First step accomplished!


Video Roadmap: Stéphanie Saxemard

Executive producer/Director/DP/Editor/Colorist/ Motion graphics: Stephanie Saxemard

Producer: Zephrine Royer

Field Producer: Sharna Sorrhaindo

Camera operator: Christophe Adelaïde, Herve Lezin

Sound: Gianny Aldo




A technical note

In this project, the use of drones was critical as one of the objectives was to give a visual account of what a plant is. Beside giving a fantastic wide and high field of vision, drone shots can also add a certain degree of drama into a scene.